Counting My Blessings for 2014

so very blessed

As we are counting down the days before the year ends, I would also like to count my blessings for 2014. This year has been a roller coaster ride, with so many ups to be grateful for. There have been a lot of unexpected surprises and wonderful experiences that I never thought would happen. So before the year ends, I would like to thank God for the following:

1. A year of togetherness. I am thankful because for most of the hours and days of this year, we have always felt the love and happiness of belonging into this small family of ours. Stan and Stacee will always be my most precious blessings and there was never a day that we didn’t get to hug and kiss and give love to each other.

2. Good health. Not just for me but for all of my loved ones. My parents, brothers and sisters, in-laws, cousins, friends, and of course Stan and Stacee. There were no sickness to be concerned about, aside from the occasional coughs and colds. And good health is always a great blessing to have.

3. My work from home. Having worked from home for half a year, I’ve realized how my life as a mom and a wife is now so much better. I get to spend more time taking care of my family and our home. I get to relax more and stress less. No more hours of getting stuck in traffic, no more worrying about what to wear for work, and no more problems about tardiness. I might have diminished my opportunities to socialize daily, but who needs that if there is social media?

4. Lots of free time. With so many time for me to spare, I get to do a lot of other things. Playtime and days-out with Stacee; dates, food trips, and movie marathons with Stan, (window) shopping with my sister, online gaming, some crafty stuff, cooking and some me time. These are all things that I’m also grateful for.

5. Wonderful family and friends to celebrate life with. I have met so many new people and have spent time with a number of relatives and the moments I have spent with these people has made my life happier and more meaningful. And I will always look forward to having time to spend with them.

6. A humble (temporary) home. As Stan and I start to build our own family, we also plan to provide this family a safe place to live in. We might not yet have a house to call our own but I am still thankful that we are able to find a temporary haven for us to stay in for a while.

7. Three healthy meals a day. We are one of the lucky ones who are still able to eat balanced meals everyday. I would always be thankful for every good food that I get to prepare for my family.

8. Financial stability. We might not be rich and there would be some days that we would hardly just get by but I am thankful for the many days that we get to be showered with blessings and get to share these blessings with our family and friends.

9. Small luxuries of life. From bountiful meals to fashion pieces to gadgets and even furniture, we are lucky to be able to fund a few of our cravings for a good life.

10. Love. There are many forms love, but I am blessed as I have constantly experienced all of them. From friends, parents, brothers, sisters, in-laws, my daughter and my partner. Having been surrounded with loving people, I can’t imagine how my life could be any better.

As this year draws into a close, I am sure that everyone would always have some things to be thankful for. They say “Count your blessings, instead of sheep” for you to sleep well. And it does help. I have spent nights praying and thanking God for every blessing that he showers my family with. I don’t need to be the richest, most powerful person in the world to say that my year had been fruitful and successful. Because, with all of these things to be thankful for, I know that my 2014 is sure to end with a bang!

Have a safe and blessed new year, everyone!

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