An Open Letter to My Daughter’s Father


I’ve never been prouder of a man than I am with you.

A great partner in life and a wonderful father. A good friend and a loving son and brother. You might not be perfect but who needs a perfect man if they’ve got someone like you!

Being a first time mom has filled me with doubts and fears but your strength and determination as a father and a partner has made me feel better and stronger. By staying by my side, you have made me a better person.

I am proud of you for many other reasons:

1. For learning to cook and sharing a love for food with me.
2. For being able to give Stacee a bath, wash her up after pooping or before going to bed.
3. For having time to play with her.
4. For being a responsible parent and helping me raise Stacee into a wonderful girl that she is.
5. For being a fun-loving, laughter-inducing father and partner.
6. For being able to stop in between a warmed up Dota 2 or Anno game for my or Stacee’s benefit.
7. For being able to make me tea and breakfasts in the morning.
8. For being able to go to the market without me.
9. For sharing your plans with me about our family’s future.
10. For loving and supporting me and Stacee.

These are just the top ten. The list goes on. I can never thank you enough for everything you have done for our family. Stacee and I are lucky to have built a family with you as the foundation.

You and Stacee are the greatest gifts that God has given me. Remember that I will always love and thank you for even the small things you do!


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