How Pinterest Helps with My Wedding Planning

Before I even started planning our wedding, I didn’t know how I’d organize my wedding ideas without getting them misplaced or scattered. I know that sooner or later I’ll be planning my own wedding so I wanted to make sure that I get to prepare my ideas even before Stan proposed to me. Well, I really didn’t think he would plan an official proposal but I truly appreciate that he did even if we already have a daughter and all. So, initially I didn’t want to go printing the pictures but I wanna make sure that I’ll have easy access once the need arises. It was a dilemma.

Good thing I found Pinterest. I’ve joined this social media since March 2013. I’ve heard of Pinterest way back 2011 when it was just a start up and was actually enticed to join. But I never really thought of how useful it will be for me way back that time. After joining, I’ve gone through many pins and boards and I never realized just how many wonderful ideas you can find about a variety of stuff. I’ve used it for so many things, especially if I wanted to find fresh ideas about my clothes, make up, fun activities for Stacee, and more importantly about our upcoming wedding.

My Current Boards

Currently, I’m maintaining 7 public boards wherein I add pins from other users’ boards and other users can also pin items from my board so it’s a great social networking idea if you ask me. My boards are:

  • Dream Wardrobe – my very first board: contains pins about great fashion items, attires and outfits that I’d want to get my hands on. In some occasions, my pins in this board helps me mix and match some items in my current wardrobe. So yes, it’s a great place to find fun and comfy attires for dates and for work.
  • My Dream Wedding – of course, my favorite board which includes bright ideas and inspirations for our planned summer wedding. This board is basically a mix of decoration ideas, table settings, DIYs, must-have wedding shots, and other summer wedding ideas, all of which I could hopefully put into realization.
  • Prenup Pic Ideas 🙂 – this board basically contains a variety of sweet nothing and romantic shots which I plan to show our photographer for our upcoming prenup photography. I’ve already asked Stan if we can already schedule the photography and he’s agreed so it’ll be coming soon! Exciting!
  • Little Piece of Heaven – I just recently started this one so it doesn’t have anything much yet aside from one heavenly photo of an isle lined up with shelves and shelves of books. Well, as per the title itself. I plan to put in here pictures of how I see my very own little piece of heaven.
  • Quotables – another startup board with only one pin so far. When I find quotations that I plan to remember or maybe quotes that really speak to me, well, this board is where they’ll go.
  • Patooties – cuteness overload right here! As I have my very own, living, breathing baby doll, I try to find fashion inspirations for Stacee’s very own wardrobe. As much as possible, I look for toddler looks that are doable in terms of our climate and funds availability. Ha ha! Well, we buy clothes for her often, but we try not to spend too much thinking that she’s growing fast and she’ll just outgrow the clothes and shoes after a few months’ time.
  • Wedding Look Inspirations – here, I add in pins of hair and make up shots that I would love to have on my wedding day. I’ve got a number of options so I plan to do a trial hair and make up session a few months before the wedding, so that’ll be next year! Ha ha ha!

The Wonderful Secret Boards

You know how you find an idea that you would want to keep but not share to people for a while? Well, Pinterest’s Secret Boards will be helpful in such situations. So far it has helped me keep pins about my wedding dress and invitation ideas, without letting people know how these stuff will look like. So it’s another great thing about Pinterest.

A Handy-Dandy App

I love that just like any other wedding planning websites, this social network offers users an app for Android and iPhone. I did not hesitate downloading the app on my Android so now I can check my Pinterest more often even while I’m on the go!

Pinterest – A Must Have!

Being a techie mother and fashion enthusiast, this social network is surely a must-have for me. I’m thankful to have found such a platform that allows me to appreciate the creativity of people and find wonderful ideas to help improve life in many ways. And if you are planning your wedding too, this is definitely a must-have for you, too. So jumpstart your wedding planning and find wonderful ideas from Pinterest today!

Don’t forget to check out my boards and follow me on Pinterest!

Love from,

Mrs. Leality

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